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ICC is planning on opening for the 2021-2022 season!

We are excited to launch our new registration system – powered by Curling I/O! All you need is an active email address and you’re ready to register! Most browsers are compatible but we recommend using one on your computer versus a mobile device.

Curling I/O doesn’t use passwords, because passwords are the primary cause of most data breaches on the internet. You’ll never have to remember a password with our system. This means your personal information is more secure with us than other registration systems.

Getting Started & League Registration

Start by going to the club website to

Click on “Member Info” and “Register Now”. OR go directly to the curling i/o registration site:

You will arrive at the League Registration page.

Please note: Leagues are listed alphabetically and there is also a search function.

Click the “Register” button for the first league you would like to register for. You will be redirected to your “Cart” where it will prompt you that “Login is required”. Click Login / Sign Up button.

1. You should now see a screen giving you two options: Send me a Login Link and Login with Gmail.
**NOTE – You only need to set-up 1 account per household. Additional household members can be added here:

2. If you use Gmail then the fastest way to login is simply selecting the red Login with Gmail button and you’ll be logged in, and can skip the rest of these instructions.

3. If you don’t have a Gmail then you’ll need to enter your email address and select the Send me a Login Link button.

4. We will immediately send you an email containing a link that you can click which automatically logs you in.

5. If for some reason you can’t click the link, (maybe you sent it to your phone but are using a computer), you can instead copy the “Token” from the email and paste it into the “Token” field back in Curling I/O.

That’s all there is to it. You should now be logged in, and sent back to your “Cart” screen.

Registering for a League

Please note: Leagues are listed alphabetically and there is also a search function.

Step by Step

1. Find the league you want to join in the leagues section.

2. Click on the “Register” button next to the league. If you don’t see a button, then the league is either sold out, and hasn’t opened up registrations yet.

3. You will be taken back to your “Cart”. You should see an “Information required” link next to the league. You’ll need to assign your curler profile to the league by clicking the “Information required” link.

4. If you haven’t created a curler profile yet, you’ll be prompted to fill out a form with your curler information. Fill out this form to the best of your ability and click the “Save and continue” button. If you already have a curler profile from a previous registration, you’ll be asked to choose a curler profile or create a new one.

5. You may now be asked to review and accept a waiver. You will be instructed to type either “I agree” or “We agree” (for juniors) in order to continue. You only need to agree to this waiver once per season per curler.

6. You will now be prompted to fill out any other information specific to the league you selected. Possibly your line-up or the name of your team. Click the “Save and continue” button once you’ve filled out the required information.

7. You should now be taken back to your cart. All applicable fees and discounts should be automatic based on the information in your profile (IE age, first year curler, etc).

8. To add additional leagues, click continue shopping.

9. When you have selected all of your leagues, you can now complete your registration. To do so, click the Cash / Cheque button, confirm your purchase, click submit.

PLEASE NOTE: As per Colin’s previous message, payment for registration is currently being held off until September 20. We believe that by this date we will be able to reasonably make decisions based on operation of the ICC and the safety of its members. More details about submitting your registration payment will be sent closer to the payment date.

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