What do I need to curl?  

  • Clean indoor running shoes, flexible & warm clothing and mitts or gloves that have some grip.
    We have brooms, sliders and grippers that you can borrow while you decide whether you’d like to invest in your own equipment.
  • Join our Learn to Curl league.  Details below.  You’ll come away with the skills & confidence to join our social leagues next season.
    Once you decide you’d like to join for a season you will probably want to invest in your own broom and possibly shoes. Brooms and shoes are available from our Pro Shop or at curling stores like Goldline. 

I’m interested in Learn To Curl.  What should I do?

  • ICC offers a Learn-to-Curl program several times each season.  A qualified curling coach teaches all the basics and then some games are held to practice the skills learned.  When you register, select type Instructional and then check one of the Learn-to-Curl sessions (Fall or Winter). You will not be able to curl in other leagues, nor spare.  However, if you have completed L2C you can register again, for the second half of the season, as an Associate, and spare, or join the Novice league. Contact the Membership Director if you wish explore other membership options.

How do I sign up for a name tag?

  • New members to the club automatically receive a name tag which will be found at the bar at the beginning of the season. A member who has lost a name tag can request one at the bar for a fee.Please note: The bar is a great place to ask questions as the bartenders can usually point you to the correct person.

How do I know what events are going on at ICC?

  • There are notice boards in change rooms and hall ways to see upcoming bonspiels at ICC and other clubs in the area. Additionally, there are display monitors in the lounge and near the entrances to the ice that provide updates on activities at the club. The Courier Newsletter is another resource. Copies are available online or printed versions are placed at the tables in the lounge for you to read.

How do I get a directory of ICC members?

  • The listing of club members can be viewed through the website by members of ICC with a valid username and password. You must be logged in to view the directory.

How do I sign up for other teams and leagues?

  • At ICC, as with most curlings clubs, our leagues take various formats. Some leagues are social in nature, with members signing up as individuals and being put into teams by a convener. Other leagues utilize a “skip’s choice or competitive” format, which require members to form a team prior to registering. If you would like to join a skip’s choice or competitive league, but do not have a team, it is recommended that you contact the league convener and the club manager, and they may be able to connect you with other members looking to form a team. You can also register to be a spare for leagues you are interested in joining. This is a great way to meet other members.
  • If you wish to have your name added or removed from a league then contact the Membership Director. 
  • Registering for a league requires you commit to play the entire season.  It is expected that you attempt to get a spare for games missed. 

How do I get on the Spare List?

  • Login and select Members+ and then My Profile.  On your Profile there is a tab labelled ‘Spare Details’.  If you wish to be added to a spares list then ensure ‘Include my name on the spares list?’ is checked.  Check only those leagues you wish to spare in. If you are curling in a league then don’t check that league. Press the Save button after making changes.  If you need assistance then e-mail the Membership Director at membership@ildertoncurlingcub.com.

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