At The Club


  • There are a limited number of lockers available for use at the club. Sign up sheets will be posted in or near each of the change rooms at the beginning of the season for members interested in storing their broom and curling belongings. Returning members will have first right to their locker from the previous season and new members will be notified by a staff member once a locker has been located for their use. In order to accomodate as many members as possible, members are usually required to share a locker with at least one other.
  • Note: Members must provide their own lock and all lockers must be emptied and locks removed at the end of the season.

Practice Ice:

  • Sheets indicating practice ice availability are posted at the bottom of the stairs to the upper lounge. These sheets indicate the available ice/sheet/time in open spaces not indicated by an X. If a time seems suitable to you, print your name and notify a staff member of your intention to use ice at that time. This notification will ensure that the Staff knows that you intend to show up and that ice is indeed available at that time.  Failing to sign up in advance for available ice may result in you not having access to the ice at that time. Staff may perform maintenance or there may be other reasons for ice being unavailable at the time you wish. Staff ask that you refrain from practicing take-out shots if you are alone. This could be damaging to the hacks, other rocks and stones could travel to adjacent sheets.  If a Staff member sees a violation of this request, you will be asked to leave.  Practice ice is available to all Ilderton Curling Club members. Use by anyone else must be approved by the Club Manager.  Management will have final say in all matters regarding the use and availablity of ice.  ICC is very busy club and available time for practice is limited, so please sign up in advance, as ice maintenance also takes place at off hours.


  • ICC has a handicapped lift available to get mobility impaired persons from the ground floor to the upstairs lounge. On the ground floor it is located at the west end of the hall by the glass, through the open door on the left. The lift requires a key to operate.
  • If you do not have a key (ICC does not hand out keys) there is a door bell button on the left hand wall just before you get to the door into the elevator lobby. See the sign. If you push the button a bell rings at the bar and a staff member will come and assist the mobility impaired person. If you do not have a key, see a staff member to leave the building.
  • If you have a key (ICC does not hand out keys), insert the key in the call button, turn to the right and hold the button until the lift arrives and there is a loud click. Take the key out. Open the door and enter the lift, then insert the key in the control panel, turn to the right and hold the button for the floor where you want to go until the lift stops moving and there is a loud click. Take out the key and open the door. The lounge is through the open door on the left and left again.

Tips at the Bar:

  • In the past with our volunteer bar staff tips were often donated to charity as something Uncle Ron Townley had started. This tradition lasted for many years and benefited both charities and our club. We, as a club, are in a position to create jobs and like any other paid bartenders tips are a part of their income. We kindly ask that you continue to show your appreciation towards them in the future. Our bar staff puts a large amount of time into ensuring this bar keeps running and I hope you can see their hard work.

Slips and Falls on the Curling Ice: 

All members should be aware of the inherent risk involved with the game of curling. That being said, the staff of the Ilderton Curling Club would like to make you aware of certain policies pertaining to someone who slips and/or falls on the curling ice surface.

  • If there is any chance that a person’s head came into contact with the ice surface, DO NOT move this person. Keep them calm and in place until a staff member can come and assess the person and the situation. This is done to prevent head, neck or back injury. An ambulance will be called and the EMS personnel will further assess the situation. If the person who fell does not wish to travel by ambulance to a hospital, he/she will be asked to sign a waiver.
  • Any curler who falls on the ice surface should be checked by a staff member, regardless of whether or not  they struck their head on the ice. Broken bones, cuts, and displacements are just some of the injuries that may result in coming into contact with the ice surface. Please let a staff member assess the situation.
  • An AED or defibrillator is located on site. It is located in a case, mounted on the wall across from the office door on the main floor. The majority of staff members at the club have received training on procedure and protocol for using this unit. If you have any questions, please feel free to approach me or any staff member. Please take care on the ice, and we ask that you honour our procedures.

Safety Tips:

  • Always step onto ice with your gripper foot first.
  • Be aware of what’s happening on your sheet of ice and the sheets closest to you.
  • Be aware of all the rocks in play when moving around on the ice. Don’t trip over any. 

Facility Closure:

  • We will close the facility and cancel curling during inclement weather. Cancellations will be posted on the ICC Facebook page, and that Facebook post will be shown on the club web site.  If in doubt, please call the club at 519-666-1810 or the Club Manager (login and check membership directory for number) to confirm the status of the facility. 
  • Safety is our utmost concern. Please don’t drive in conditions that are unsafe.


  • Members, please check the lost-and-found boxes for missing items, before the end of the season.
  • E-mails will NOT be send out for lost and found items.  
  • After the club closes those items may be disposed of, or donated to charity. 

Thank You To Our Sponsors