Update From The President

Hello Fellow Members,

As any past president of the ICC can tell you a one-year term can go by in the blink of an eye. But almost never without some form of excitement.

As this letter is being written we are monitoring the events of a global pandemic, the beginning of a federal election, and a crisis is taking place is Afghanistan that makes us all realize how thankful we are to be where we are although it may not seem so good at times.

With the curling season around the corner, the Board of Directors along with our valued staff members have spent countless hours reviewing all of our operations and preparing to launch a successful 2021/2022 curling season. We anticipate facing many new obstacles through the coming months that we don’t even know about or how they will change things, but we will persevere and overcome them. Challenges that have made us question what the launch of curling will even look like while trying to open registration, which takes us to the root of this email.

The good news is we will be set to launch membership registration Monday, August 23 after the hard work of Ian and Andy to establish our new registration system and website. Should anything change we will update dates in our next message. You will receive an email in the coming days with instructions to follow for creating a new member profile. There will also be descriptions of the leagues we are offering this coming season. Pay close attention as we have some great new options that we think will help our existing members and new members looking to share in this great sport with us.

The “other” news as I will affectionately refer to it as is COVID and how that will affect our operations both for the season and day to day. I, nor any person for that matter, can predict exactly how things will look or what our exact measures needed to operate are. What I can say is that we continue to monitor government news and discuss how those measures would factor into our operations. A large part of this discussion revolves around vaccinations and how other curling clubs and sporting organizations are factoring this into their plans.

As of the week of August 16 we are actively monitoring government mandates, as well as suggestions from both CurlON and Curling Canada. We recognize that vaccination requirements may become mandatory prior to the curling season, and we would need to review policies and procedures at that time. Please be aware that we are incredibly concerned about the safety and wellbeing of all members and staff and will do our best as a Board to continue to ensure this.

Payment for registration is currently being held off until September 20. We believe that by this date we will be able to reasonably make decisions based on operation of the ICC and the safety of its members while allowing them to choose to cancel their registration prior to the season beginning if things take an uncomfortable turn.
 For the time being if you happen to see or speak to any of the Board Members, Ian, Peter or staff from last season please take time to say hello and thank them for their work. The level of commitment from these individuls has been outstanding and far above what anyone could ask of them!

Chat soon,

Colin Darling, President
Ilderton Curling Club 2021/2022 Season